Mediumship with Robin Hodson June22 2014

I attended a spiritual church service for the first time today. I enjoyed it and made some new friends. Afterward I attended a workshop with these same people on medium-ship and energy. I was amazed at how much I could receive from the hands on work we did. The teacher was Robin Hodson, an English Medium. He is the vice president of the International Spiritualist Federation.

Before I did anything I asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to be by my side to help me work in the highest good of all of us at the workshop.

We did an exercise to help us tune in to our senses. We sat about 4 feet away from a wall and focused on a single spot. Then we had to envision the connection to that spot. It was like a pressure that grew stronger as I concentrated. Next we did the same thing but for the ceiling. I felt the same pressure. Last we focused on the people sitting on both sides of us. I felt the same pressure like someone was pushing on both of my arms. Robin said I did excellent work.

Working with individuals was most of the workshop.

First we sat with blindfolds on and someone came up from behind and put their hand on our shoulders to make a physical connection. I was seeing lots of squiggly lines in black, gray and white. They kept coming up in different patterns. Most of it was simple. Then I saw 2 different pictures of flowers that we saw earlier on a slide show. I saw a pin point of light that started expanding. I also saw a few strands of hair that formed a letter “J”. When I took off my blindfold I learned I was working with Robin himself. He told me I was very accurate with everything and that he is boring (lol). He always wore black only to change to colors in the last few years. I saw the flowers because the slide show was a connection to Robin since he gave the talk. The “J” represented his middle name.

We worked with objects that we were a required to bring with us. After we learned to decipher which hand was the receiving one we did the exercise. We held them in our energetically receiving hand. To learn this we had to rub our hands together then separate them to feel which one had more tingling and energy in it. I was given a small box that was about 3 inches long by 2 inches and maybe 1 inch. I saw a crescent moon with a tubular object attached to some kind of hooked base. I also saw a Boy Scout Emblem that was like the squiggly design of their insignia. I began to see a pathway with tall trees along side of it. I saw a bicycle chain. I saw another path inside the woods. It brought me to a covered bridge. On that path I saw an antique car with a man and woman sitting in it. They were dressed like they were going to a celebration, her with a beautiful gown and hat on, and him with a suit on. They got to the bridge and didn’t come out. So I’m thinking it may have been their garage. There was another pathway lined with stones that broke off the main one. This went to an open area that people were gathered in a circle doing some kind of ceremonial ritual. The man seemed to be leading the ceremony and everyone looked up to him. I was in a wooded area like a park.
It turned out that I was working with the teacher again. His object was inside the box. It was a gift from a friend in New Zealand. I believe he said it was a wedding token. In New Zealand they don’t give new gifts. They give something of meaning as gifts. I described the area this friend lived in. He used to be in the position Robin now holds in the spiritual community as vice president of the International Spiritualist Federation. This friend was well liked and looked up to for guidance in their spirituality. The moon vision combined with the Boy Scout insignia showed the shape of the object. It was long and had a hook on the end and was shaped similar to the insignia.

The last thing we did was a combination of 2 lessons because we ran short on time. We learned that there is a difference between being psychic and being a medium. A psychic can give information about the living and a medium can give information on the spirit world. I saw a waterway in Venice but wasn’t sure it was really there or just a symbol because I had already been there. There was an explosion like a bomb going off then nothing else that related to it. I saw a man and woman on a boat going up the canal. They stopped by the side and got out and walked to a café alongside the waterway. The woman was dressed in a beautiful maroon flowing dress with ruffles and the front was a Queen Ann shape with lace. The man was wearing a suit. They laughed together then the woman walked off by herself onto the streets to window shop. Her dress changed in shape and design. All the people she passed said hello and it looked like they looked up to her. She walked up to the edge of a bridge and just looked around. She was wondering where everyone was. Then she began to walk again and the streets were empty.
My partner was a very nice man and he said I was accurate with everything. Starting with the bomb and waterway, he said he lives near a reservoir in Woodstock, NY and are always worried about terrorists bombing it. The couple was his parents. They liked to eat in a small café by their home. Where the dress changed it was actually another woman. It was his aunt and she lives in Manhattan and takes daily walks in the morning on the sidewalks. Everyone she passes says hello because they all know her and they call her the mayor. A lot of times there wouldn’t be anyone out because she walks early in the morning.

I am very happy with the results of this workshop. It shows how fast I am advancing in my gifts. I’m looking forward to more workshops to tune in more with my intuition and advance myself even more.


About Catherine M Laub

Catherine M Laub, Your Turquoise Angel Guide, is the Host of Spiritual Destinations Radio Show, a Psychic and Spiritual Guide, a 25 time Best-Selling Inspirational Author, and a Speaker regarding depression, anxiety, and health issues. Catherine helps people feel better with her positive outlook and describing overcoming her own deep depression. She is an advocate for mental illness through her campaign “Brighten Your Day With Turquoise.” Turquoise, because it is a calming color and helps us think clearly. Her goal is to help others achieve their potential without all the obstacles that get in the way. She has many health challenges and wants to guide others with some of the same ones and to understand how to live with illness and be able to have a normal life. She guides others to feel invigorated and empowered to go forward in their own struggles. Remember to have faith and know you can pull through almost anything!!!
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