Support from My Husband, Tony Laub

Tony is always there for me when I need him – for everything.

He helps me around the house with cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and even does most of the shopping.

Tony supports me in everything I want to do and only guides me when I ask for help.

When I am writing my stories he is my editor and suggests where I can make changes to make the story flow better.

I have several health challenges, both physical and mental. Tony is always helping me heal in whatever way necessary. I had surgery in 2012 and an unexpected cut on my full belly.
This was right before Super Storm Sandy in New York. My visiting nurse couldn’t get to me so Tony had to change my bandages. My cut was only stitched closed in 3 spots and I had a couple staples. So there was dressing and packing that had to be changed a couple times a day and he didn’t think twice about having to do it.

I was always so tired and struggled with little things at times. Tony stepped right up and helped me accomplish everything. If I needed a box or bin brought to where I was sitting to sort through he carried it in for me. He even took over the honors of putting the Christmas tree up which I used to do. He puts the decorations on and I put scattered ones on as I had the energy.

I am doing so much better now and we do things together, which we never did before. It is so nice to share everything from cooking and cleaning to decorating and work. Tony still does most of the shopping but we enjoy cooking together. He is so funny because he will say you are such a good cook when I do most of the meal. Now I say it to him too, or we will say we are great chefs together. LOL

Tony is great with all 7 of our children and 14 grandchildren. They all look up to him. He is a true leader in the family. Everyone calls to ask for his advice.  We are expecting our 15th grandchild and first great-grandchild, both in May. We are thrilled to have our family continue to grow.

To conclude, I am always thanking Tony for being there for me and all of the family. He is a great inspiration to all of us because even when he doesn’t feel well, he is constantly helping all of us.


About Catherine M Laub

Catherine M Laub, Your Turquoise Angel Guide, is the Host of Spiritual Destinations Radio Show, a Psychic and Spiritual Guide, a 25 time Best-Selling Inspirational Author, and a Speaker regarding depression, anxiety, and health issues. Catherine helps people feel better with her positive outlook and describing overcoming her own deep depression. She is an advocate for mental illness through her campaign “Brighten Your Day With Turquoise.” Turquoise, because it is a calming color and helps us think clearly. Her goal is to help others achieve their potential without all the obstacles that get in the way. She has many health challenges and wants to guide others with some of the same ones and to understand how to live with illness and be able to have a normal life. She guides others to feel invigorated and empowered to go forward in their own struggles. Remember to have faith and know you can pull through almost anything!!!
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